Create images and objects that has ability to disturb. Take things out of their contexts and present in a new way. Question colour. Interrogate the now.

I am an artist based in Amsterdam.

I create things that has ability to disturb.
I explore depth, space, time, and negative space.
I explore the possibilities of the objects being something else.
I take things out of their contexts and present in a new way.
I explore hidden and invisible qualities of the nature.
I question colour.
I interrogate the now.

I’m interested in the blurring of the definite and the indefinite.
I’m interested in the things defined by what they are not.


Centre Pompidou, France
onedotzero, United Kingdom
Dutch Design Week, The Netherlands
Semi-Permanent, Australia
Kikk Festival, Belgium
Lasecu Invisible Borders, France
Migz Design Festival, Russia
C215 Collective, France

Books & Features

IdN, Hong Kong
Geo-Graphics Book, Victionary Publishers, Hong Kong
Motionographer, USA
Los Logos 4, Gestalten, Germany
Los Logos 6, Gestalten, Germany
C215 Collective Book, France
Semi-Permanent Festival Selection Book, Australia
Surface Magazine, China
Vimeo Staff Pick, USA
Vimeo Awards Shortlist, Weather Tests, USA
Default Magazine, Turkey
The Fox is Black, USA
Bak Magazine, Istanbul
FormFiftyFive, USA
The Gallery, USA
VisualCache, USA
Kat Magazine, Turkey
Icon Magazine, Turkey
Graphic Design Magazine, Turkey