Savas Ozay

Lead Product Designer + Design Director

I’m a Lead Product Designer and Art+Creative Director based in New York City. For the past seventeen years I've been helping startups and global corporations in crafting;

  • User Experiences
  • Information Architecture
  • User Interfaces
  • Visual Design
  • Branding
  • Creative Direction
  • Art Direction

I'm Interested in creating rigorously simple experiences and visual systems that speaks of the fundamentals but is also modest in character. I sometimes move from digital to physical, from bits to atoms, and back again. Because I believe in doing diverse range of work.

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Exhibitions, Books, Awards and Press

Exhibition: Dutch Design Week, The Netherlands ↗
Exhibition: onedotzero, United Kingdom ↗
Exhibition: Lasecu Invisible Borders, France ↗
Exhibition: Migz Design Festival, Russia ↗
Exhibition: Semi-Permanent, Australia ↗
Exhibition: C215 Collective, France ↗

Featured: Behance, Graphic Design Gallery with Super Normal Shop ↗
Featured: Behance, Graphic Design Gallery with It Rises Eventually To The Surface ↗
Featured: Behance, Experience Design Gallery with Recorder ↗
Featured: Behance, Graphic Design Gallery with New Flags ↗
Featured: Geo-Graphics Book, Victionary Publishers, Hong Kong ↗
Featured: Los Logos 4, Gestalten, Germany ↗
Featured: Los Logos 5, Gestalten, Germany ↗
Featured: C215 Collective Book, France ↗
Featured: Semi-Permanent Festival Selection Book, Australia ↗
Featured: Surface Magazine, China ↗
Featured: Vimeo Staff Pick, USA ↗
Featured: Vimeo Awards Shortlist with short animation Weather Tests, USA  ↗
Featured: Default Magazine, Istanbul ↗
Featured: The Fox is Black, Istanbul ↗
Featured: Bak Magazine, Istanbul ↗
Featured: Motionographer, USA ↗
Featured: FormFiftyFive, USA ↗
Featured: The Gallery, USA ↗
Featured: IdN, Hong Kong ↗
Featured: VisualCache, USA ↗

Interview: Kat Magazine, Istanbul ↗
Interview: Icon Magazine, Istanbul ↗
Interview: Graphic Design Magazine, Istanbul