+Pool Water Dashboard

Lead Product Designer

+ Pool ↗ is a non-profit organization trying to build a water-filtering, floating pool in the East River, NY in the next years. To build awareness for this and educate New Yorkers on the river water quality, they wanted to build a floating light installation in the river that changes color based on the water quality, and show all this data on an online dashboard in a fun and approachable way. I designed this educational and scalable dashboard that visualizes the water quality data gathered by Columbia University.

The + Pool Water Dashboard differs from traditional data collection methods in that it draws on several points of live data – from river water to rainfall inputs – to then feed an algorithm that provides the public with near real-time reports on water quality. Updating with fresh data every 6 to 15 minutes, the dashboard predicts bacteria levels and thereby cuts the average time lag in water quality reporting by nearly 24 hours.

The Result

One of the main goals of the project was building public awareness. After the launch, project featured in dozens of news outlets such as:


  • Savas Ozay - Lead Product Designer
  • Ross Langley - Lead Product Designer (Storytelling)
  • Jonathan Dahan - Engineer
  • Stephen Cronin - Engineer
  • Archie Lee Coates IV - Cofounder
  • Jeff Franklin - Cofounder
  • Kara Meyer - Deputy Director
  • Jancy Butterworth - Development Associate

+ Pool Water Dashboard ↗