I've been juggling multiple personal projects lately. I'm trying to make myself busy as much as I can without any tool, execution, or goal-based restrictions:

— Strata: A new film is in the making. This time I'm collaborating with people to push the execution to the next level.

— Lawrence: Training a model with using GPT2.

— SavasOzay.com: Working on a new wiki-style website using Jekyll

— Renaissance: Tinkering with styleGAN

(An early StyleGAN test)


Being more mindful is one of the goals that I've set for myself for the new year. I'm trying to pay attention and stay present to enhance my happiness and creativity. Detaching yourself from the current situation; analyzing what is happening and how it makes you feel requires a lot of energy. But I see myself getting better at this every day and this gives me the motivation to carry on.

One of the things that I have become aware of is that I'm living in constant anxiety. Anxiety caused by professional life, toxic friendships, devices & tools I use has become a natural part of my life. Some of these causes are easy to fix but some require more work and dedication. For the first half of this year, I'll try to focus on what I think is the easiest item on the list: devices and tools.

Using expensive devices and complex tools makes me uncomfortable. I occasionally find myself wasting time with bloated tools to achieve one simple task. Using high-priced devices with a 'walled garden' is limiting my workflow. I need to re-orient my focus onto tools that can run on small, low-power, open-source, single-purpose boards.


Last year I started to think more thoroughly about 2021 and beyond. For the last couple of years, I'm visualizing my metaphors by using monochromatic graphic language. This has worked for me for a while but not anymore.

One of the things that bother me is that the default output with this method is a "JPG" file. And static digital images don't have any authority in the art (nor in design) anymore.

Static images are now an integrated part of our lives. 10-15 years ago a JPG could've been enticing, interesting, exciting ... But now our emotional threshold towards static images really low. We don't take an image/photo seriously because everything we see in our daily life is borderline shocking.

I'm much more interested in objects, immersive experiences, structures, sculptures, stories, and music. Anything that isn't one-dimensional.

The output you see on the work section at the moment is the initial reaction of this search and you'll see more in the coming future.


I'm building my personal websites since 1998 and this is version 35. I realized, for the last 8-10 years, I'm mainly showing the output but not touching on the processes and thinking behind it.

There are many reasons for this: 1) articulation has never been my main focus, 2) English is not my first language; therefore writing part always takes longer than I expect, 3) it feels like I'm wasting my time because most people don't read ...

But the process is a big part of my output. I (almost) never do things randomly or casually. I have a habit of deep researching, I think thoroughly before doing any hands-on work, I learn new tools or come up with new ways to use the old ones ...

This journal aims to build a form of personal logging system which includes daily/weekly logs, notes on various projects and curated content of general knowledge. So I can remember and hopefully, I'd touch on one or two points occasionally that can be useful for other people.